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We Sponsor

We are the fiscal sponsor for several small, grass roots, organizations in Maui County. 

You can direct funds to each organization by clicking on their donation link below. Some of our organizations have additional websites  to learn more about their work.

Our mission allows us to direct funds to a Maui project that has a need at any given time.
As is standard practice, we do keep 5-15% of each donation to cover our administrative cost.
All of our organizations use their funds for direct support of their projects. 

Maui Rapid Response

Maui Rapid Response is an ahupua'a based disaster response team made up of individuals from the Maui community and a number of nonprofit and direct-aid organizations. 

Honokowai Relief

Honokowai Relief Fund logo

With Aloha we empower local people to help their community in culturally appropriate ways.

Our people working here have experienced loss and are empowered to heal themselves and their community through service. Follow us on Facebook

Maui Business Brainstormers

Maui Business Brainstormers logo

Grass roots organization that supports business owners and managers through education workshops and networking opportunities provided free of charge.

Fiscally sponsored since 2017

Keola Project

The Keola Project Logo

The goal is to keep this project alive and continue to feed and malama (care for) our community in all ways, to keep working with the volunteers and chefs, and continue to provide a safe space for people to come to - to connect, to talk story, to spread aloha, and keep healing - together.

Share Circle

Share Circle Logo

Diverting waste from the landfill by working with individuals and small businesses to creatively engage them in redistribution and upcycling practices

Fiscally sponsored since 2021

Maui Medics Healers Hui

Maui Media Healers logo

The Maui Medics Healers Hui mobilized in response to the devastating Lāhainā Fires, in August of 2023. We have been working with healthcare providers on the west side. We provide a variety of services as we try to maintain stability in a very uncertain and unstable dynamic after a very traumatizing disaster.

Roots Reborn Lahaina

Roots Reborn Lahaina Logo

Roots Reborn is a grassroots organization that formed in the aftermath of the fires. Our co-founding group is made up of immigration and human rights attorneys as well as community organizers such as myself. We have been assisting LEP (limited English proficient) immigrants by providing free legal services, document replacement and, being a bridge between resources. 

Maui Veterans Day Invitational

“Kayak Clash”

Kayak Clash logo

The “Kayak Clash” is a camaraderie-based event focused on bringing Veterans and First Responders together for a weekend of relaxation and support. The Kayak Clash is a team event, where a Veteran or First Responder will choose a teammate to fish with. Each team then chooses 1 day to fish out of the 2 days allocated.

Project Locavore

Home of the


Project Locavore has largely been a volunteer-run organization that and grown organically with the pace and trust of our community. We understand that we need resources to grow, to reach more of our community, and to share the transformative power of eating locally. 

Maui Housing Hui
It's a Kakou Thing!

Maui Housing Hui logo

Through education, community outreach, connection to resources, and the performance of research, the Maui Housing Hui is committed to addressing the critical needs renters and displaced residents face. Our efforts are focused on increasing protections and rights, addressing the growning cost-burdened status and creating overall stability for those who do not own a home through our advocacy. 


Paellas for Lahaina logo

Paellas 4 Lahaina is leading with Aloha by sharing freshly cooked, nutritions paella meals to Lahaina residents displaced by the devastating fire. The paellas are vegan, gluten and soy free, and made with Hana grown 'ulu, handmade spices, and garnished with fresh Hana Fruit

If you are an organization needing fiscal sponsorship,
please contact us below. 

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